Volunteers At Manipal

Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), a unit of Manipal Academy of Higher Education was initiated on September 17, 2007 to give an opportunity to students, staff & their spouses of Manipal to live their lives with purpose by helping those in need. It is a platform that not only helps the needy, but also provides each volunteer with an opportunity to gain new skills, work in a team and, most importantly, to become a better person. With active volunteer strength of more than 6000 (including students, faculty & their spouse) from various constituent colleges of Manipal & Mangalore, VSO undertake projects which cover community, social, organizational and soft skills avenues.

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VSO aims to develop the spirit of selfless service by responding to the community’s needs, addressing the issues of society, and developing the leadership and learning skills of the volunteers. Students, faculty, and staff strive to ameliorate the conditions of the impoverished and the less fortunate. We come together in hopes of forging a path to a better society.

  • To respond to community needs
  • To address the issues of society
  • To develop the leadership potential of the students
  • To enhance student learning










Dr H S Ballal
Pro Chancellor, MAHE

"Seeing the number of times we turn to the volunteers for help in any event in the campus, it's safe to say that VSO is the backbone of MAHE! No event can happen without the support of VSO!"

Dr. Sajjad Fazel
Founder, Afya Yako, Tanzania

"VSO brings people from different walks of life together for a common good. Giving back to society and helping others, gaining new experiences, discovering hidden talents, gaining a sense of accomplishment and contentment, creating networks and even building career options."

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School of Life Sciences, Manipal

"Being a part of VSO has been the most wonderful thing in manipal. It has been a really great experience aI nd would like to ask everyone out there to join and be a part of it. "

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Pratyay Prakhar
MIT Manipal

"Not only the recent changes made to the website have made it look more beautiful, it has also made sure that all the information related to VSO is concise and updated so that it can be read by anyone easily."

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Archica Gupta
School of Life Sciences, Manipal

"VSO has been a very interesting experience for me during my time in Manipal. My first project was Sanjeevani- Visit to the Pediatric Ward. It was absolutely wonderful to see the enthusiasm of the kids and their precious smiles while we played with them. It was a lovely experience to be able to engage with the community. I would really like to thank VSO for giving me this incredible opportunity"

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Sumit Agarwal
MIT Manipal

"It's been almost a year I started volunteering for VSO and to be honest it's been the best part of my first year of college. The projects are all framed in such a way that it delivers the best it can in those few hours. VSO as an organization provides various opportunities to the students which is not just social work but includes events like Manipal Marathon , Carnival, Tarang and many more events which focuses on spreading smiles. It's been a great experience for me personally and I've had a great time volunteering for VSO. After all, smile is that one thing everyone is looking for in life. "

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Aishwarya Srinivasan
DOC Manipal

"A person with empathy, love for people and someone who is sensitive to the needs and troubles of a fellow human. This is what you are or will become when you graduate VSO, if I may say so. Service before self isn't just said here, it is meant, always."


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