FAQ No.QuestionAnswer
1 Who can join VSO?Students, Staffs & their family members, Local people in and around, i.e. anyone who is interested to devote his/her time to render selfless service can join VSO. No criteria for joining VSO required except for your willingness to work towards the betterment of society and to Be The Change You Want To Be.
2 How are you benefited by joining VSO?Satisfaction that you get when you do something for Humanity. Experience of being part of a community event and chance to organize events will help you build up experience for your future.
3 How to become a registered volunteer of VSO?Sign up in the web page and fill in all the details of the registration form. Submit the form (including passport photo) and you will receive your temporary VSO Id number. Once your form is verified and approved by the Chief Coordinator you will receive an intimation mail with your permanent VSO Id number.
4 How can I cancel my name from a project for which I have already registered for a week?VSO requests its volunteers to participate in the project for which they have registered. But in case of genuine reasons they can withdraw their names. For that the volunteer has to intimate the project coordinator by Saturday so that someone else can participate in the project.
5 What will happen if I don’t participate in the project even after registering for that project?Every week only a few volunteers get a chance to participate in VSO project as there is a huge pool of volunteers. VSO requests its volunteers to participate in the project for which they have registered. In case you don’t participate in a project without prior intimation to the project coordinator your name will be noted and if such incidents happen for more than 3 times you will not allowed to participate in future project till the Chief Coordinator permits.
6 How attendance is recorded for a project?Attendance for every program will be taken on the day of the project by the project coordinator of that week. The number of hours will reflect in your account within the next 7 days.